Structured Cabling Solutions
Structured Cabling Solutions
Star Network Commucation LLC
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Structured Cable

We do it right the first time. Complete cabling from Fiber Optics to Cat6A.

Fiber Optics Cable

Fiber Optics Solutions, including termination, splicing testing and certifying. 

Data Centers

We also do Data Centers and are certified by both Corning and SYSTIMAX.

FLEET Certified Structured Cable Systems Provider

Welcome to Star Network Communications, your Structured Cabling experts. Located in Jones, OK, and serving a wide range of areas including Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and Colorado, Star Network Communications provides certified technicians that install your structured cable quickly and efficiently.



When it comes to your company and its cable needs Star Network Communications does it right the first time! We have the training and experience to install a structured set of subsystems into your building, creating a cabling infrastructure that houses your entire set of data needs.


Star Network Communications even goes beyond cable - providing expert wireless network solutions as well.

Complete Cabling from Fiber Optics to Cat6A

Star Network Communications is renowned for providing customers with the most professional and up to date cabling and cable installation solutions. We handle all of your cabling needs from start to finish – including every option possible from Fiber Optics to Category 6 Augmented cable capable of handling improved alien crosstalk characteristics.


 Other companies may make that claim, but we back it up. Our staff members are certified experts that lead the field. 


What Our Customers have to Say


“Extremely pleasant experience. Gave us various options, the quote was right on target, work was done in a prompt, thorough and friendly manner.”


T. King

Tulsa, OK


Star Network Communications provides structured cabling solutions within the context of six industry standardized subsystems, building them all together in a fast, efficient setup that will cover your entire site’s needs:


  • Entrance Facilities. This is the point where a phone company’s network ends and connects with the on-premises wiring available at your site.
  • Equipment Rooms. These areas house equipment and wiring, so we expertly craft consolidation points that serve the users throughout the entire building.
  • Backbone Cabling. This subsystem connects the equipment and telecommunications rooms, even when they are on different floors.
  • Horizontal Cabling.  Wiring can be described as inside wiring or Plenum Cabling and this subsystem connects telecommunications rooms to individual outlets or work areas on the floor.
  • Telecommunications Rooms. This subsystem connects between the backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.
  • Work-Area Components. This subsystem connects end-user equipment to outlets of the horizontal cabling system.


Combined, these six subsystems create your entire network of cabling and wiring.

Data Centers, Infrastructure, and Other Cable Services

Star Network Communications provides more than just top notch structured cabling. Our staff of industry leading techs can give you a comprehensive and complete wiring solution for your site.


Data Centers

The lifeblood of today’s business organization is the data center. Information moves at high speeds and businesses today need instant access to information. Employees, partners, suppliers and customers rely on the data center and yours needs to function effectively. Star Network Communications has gone above and beyond mere cabling and installation – we now offer a complete suite of services that will help you get your data center created.

We provide the ultimate goal for your business: an agile infrastructure that can incorporate ongoing improvements in storage and application technologies while empowering the enterprise to dynamically support changing business processes. That’s right, more than just putting in the cable, Star Network Communications gives you a data center from the ground up, and we ensure it is agile enough to stay ahead of today’s fast-changing data needs.

Our Data Center Solutions are both Corning and SYSTIMAX certified, giving you:


  • Operational reliability
  • Quick changes, including additions and rapid expansion
  • Enhanced management, monitoring and service provisioning
  • High density
  • High bandwidth
  • Flexibility and modularity
  • Secure access


Fiber Optics, T1, DSL and More …

Star Network Communications is an expert with Fiber Optic cable. We’ll provide easy, effective installation as well as termination and splicing.


We also provide T1, T3, and DSL extensions. And each service we provide we are prepared to test and certify.


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